My name is Feryal Ziyari,
I’m a Miss Arab.

Feryal Ziari – A new, beautiful top model and a public figure who was raised in Tetouan, Morocco.

She studied to be a doctor in one of the best universities in Morocco. During which time, she participated in the Miss Morocco contest in 2015, to which she won the title of Miss Morocco. This opportunity fueled Feryal’s love for the world of beauty and fashion. After graduating, she went to study the art of TV presenting in Dubai, UAE. She had the privilege to train with the best TV presenter in the Arab world, Riya Abirachid. Feryal later went on to become an Arab, public beauty herself.

Feryal participated in the Miss Arab world, beauty competition in 2018 and 2019. This event is held each year in Lebanon. During the 2018 competition, Feryal took the title of Miss Arab, and she became the next top model to represent authentic Arab beauty. In her time as Miss Arab, she has made many contributions to the world of fashion and beauty.

Her appearances in the media include TV presenting in Dubai and acting in an Arab drama film. You can find that she is very active on her social media platform, Instagram. Feryal has recently relocated to Dubai to continue to pursue her career in the media. She has a passion for fashion and beauty, and she wants to share her passion with the world.